Pecha Kucha Vol.4

Listen to NPR Chicago Public Radio's "Hello Beautiful" coverage of Pecha Kucha Night Chicago

Pecha Kucha Night - March 4, 2008, 8:00pm
Martyrs' - 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Pecha Kucha Night is really taking off in Chicago.
300 people attended Volume 3 - Volume 4 will be a sell out.
Prize giveaway sponsored by the Cholive - 10 copies of the book "Pecha Kucha Night: A Celebration" (2,800yen value) to be given away!

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Emcees for the evening, artist Andy Hall and architect Peter Exley, will introduce Amy Batchu (graduate design/MBA student), Lynn Becker (writer), Doug Fogelson (photographer), Kate Hill (performer), Matt Kessler (‘zine author), Michelle Litvin and Juan Angel Chavez (artists), Pam Parker (business owner), Jackie Rush (artist),
Marilee Rutherford (woman of the night), Tim Samuelson (historian), Janene Sobotka and Nicholas Cowan(architects) and Andy Yang (scientist).
If you would like to be considered as a presenter at Pecha Kucha Night Chicago Volume 5 (June 4, 2008), please send a short email to info@pechakuchachicago.org.

Read what Time Out Chicago has to say about the Chicago version of the global phenomenon.

Photos © Ron Garcia
[top] Pecha Kucha Night Volume 3 Presenters,
[below] David Lusenhop talks about
the Afri-COBRA Art Movement at Volume 3

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